Investment Fraud Signs

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Some of the most common investment fraud signs are unsolicited investment advice, high pressure tactics, and suspicious behavior. These signs should be taken seriously. While there are many legitimate companies out there, avoid putting your money in their hands, as it is possible to get ripped off. Be especially wary of people offering investment advice through social media and dating apps. The only way to be sure if you’re being scammed is to research the company’s reputation online.

The first and most obvious investment fraud sign is the promise of high returns with little to no risk. This is a red flag that might mean that the company isn’t legitimate. While some investment fraud signs are common and should prompt you to question the company, you should always be wary of people promising high returns in a short period of time. If an investment offers you no risk, be skeptical. These are the most common Investment Fraud Signs.

The number one investment fraud sign is above market returns. This is a red flag because it means the investment company is offering you above-market returns. This is a sign that a company is scamming you. In addition, investment fraud is a widespread problem in the insurance industry. While it’s not uncommon for a legitimate insurance company to pressure a customer into purchasing an unsafe product, it’s important to verify that the company has been registered with the Canadian Securities Admistratator.

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